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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 18, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. taking a live look at the capitol dome. right now, temperatures doing pretty nice out there. kind of a carbon copy of yesterday. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. happy friday. and tucker barnes, happy friday to you. >> let's do it. let's get started with a look at your radar. the only action on the eastern
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seaboard is along the outer banks of the carolinas. otherwise, we are looking quiet. here in washington, nice and clear. another beautiful day with temperatures expected to be back in the 70s. currently, our temperature has fallen to 58 degrees. humidity, 75%. winds are out of the east at seven miles per hour. the pressure on the way up. lots of sunshine, dry friday, beautiful day. temperatures in the mid-70s by 4:00 p.m. more details on the weekend in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. south the g-8 summit is topping our stories this morning. president obama is welcoming the leaders of the beggest economies at camp david in frederick county late are tonight. topping the agenda is the european debt crisis.
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now details in the trayvon mart up case. officials released never seen before photos of george zimmerman's injuries. martin's occupy shows the teenager had traces of marijuana in his system. police on capitol hill are trying to figure out who was breaking into offices of lawmakers in the middle of the night. the thieves are taking cameras and ipods but also stealing inexpensive items that have september mental value. they are using keys leading some to speculate these are inside jobs. de jobs. another tragic loss for the music industry. this morning, family, friends and fans all over the world are mourning the death of donna summer. >> he she died yesterday in florida after losing her battle with cancer. phil keating gives us a look at her legacy which is one that will live on forever.
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>> reporter: she was the queen of disco. ♪ let's dance tonight &&. >> reporter: donna summer was dorn la donna adrienne gaines on new year's eve 194 in boston. summer began singing in the church at i ayoung age and was influenced by motown and janis joplin. she defined the dsk owe area with a string of hits like last dance, love to love you, baby and bad girl. >> donna summer first came out in the u.s. in about 1975 and she exploded on the disco scene. that was her best place that she shined at. >> reporter: when disco fadeed away, donna did not, segueing in pop rock. one of her biggest hits in the '80s, she works hard for the money became an anthem for women's rights. she faced controversy after becoming a born again christian and was accused of making anti- gay comments in relation to the
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aids epidemic. she denied making the comments but was the target of a boycott. >> she has a strong following in the gay community. i guess years later, bygones were bygones and she came back and was phenomenal. >> she made two appearances on american idol, one in 2004 and again in tweet. in tweet. - - in 2008. she also released her final album that year, crayons, her first sphiewd i don't album in 17 years. the broadway show, police sill a, queen of the desert, the musical, features two versions of summer's songs. macarthur park and hot stuff. donna summer was 63. in miami, phil keating, fox news. we still have plenty ahead. more weather, traffic and all
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of your top stories. >> fox amorning news at 4:30 starts right now. ht now. -- fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. >> it is friday, may 1th. really pleasant morning outside when you step outside. this is shot from our tower cam. you can see the washington monument there glistening in the moonlight. good morning. i'm will thomas jie. a sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> tucker barnes is here. let's get right to the radar. this will be an easy forecast because it is beautiful outside. our temperatures are very comfortable and we are in for a great-looking day.
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50 in baltimore. 45 in winchester. we are a little cool out there. you might want a light jacket if you are going run are or want to walk the dogs in the next hour or two. very quiet conditions. we've got bright sunshine in the forecast. just a few cirrus clouds, a few high, fair weather clouds today. 76 for your daytime high in washington. 74 in germantown. mostly a great looking weekend. details on that in just a minute. >> could it get any better than this in. >> i don't think we can. >> all we need is the moon. >> we'll find out about that. >> let's check on traffic with julie wright. >> at this hour, it is a moon pie, will, a moon pie. >> i love moon pies. >> all right. on the roads, a nice easy start to our friday. love that. southbound 270, no problems reported coming in out of
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rockville headed for the lane divide. you will find overnight construction in springfield as we speak. light volume working your way across the anacostia. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. . >> thank you. the big story we are following this morning, new details in the trayvon martin killings. prosecutors released hundreds of documents yesterday shedding new light on what may have happened the night martin was killed. >> george zimmerman says he shot martin in self-defense. some witness interviews support zimmerman's claim. others do not. mary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: a frantic 911 call on february 26th. >> i just heard gunshots. hurry up, they are right outside my house. >> reporter: that call, released along with documents,
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photos and witness interviews. take a listen as one resident says zimmerman might be racist. >> i know that george does not like black people and he would start something. >> reporter: zimmerman claims mart untaxed him and he fired in self-defense. a single nine millimeter shell casing was found near martin's body. another person familiar with the neighborhood watch volunteer paints an unflattering picture of him. >> i feel in my heart, dew feel that he intended for this kid to die. >> reporter: some sanford residents support zimmerman's claim that he was taxed by marten. >> i came outside and i saw this guy in a guess it was a orange jacket and he goes i got blood on my face. i go yeah, you got blood all over, man. i looked over and' got blood on the back of his head. i go, you all right.
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>> the one guy was throwing down blows kind of much ma style. >> the guy standing over him was pretty medium thick build, short hair cut, dark hair. and i would say that little kid was so skippy compared to him. >> reporter: the case has made national news and calls into question the stand your ground self-defense law. some lawmakers in michigan have introduced legislation to repeal the law there. other news making headlines now. the jet summit, president obama is hosting world leaders at camp david outside d.c. in rural maryland. the sheriff's office is bracing for protests and is telling people to prepare for lots of traffic congestion. usually, there are years of preparations for these kind of world summits but president obama only moved it from chicago a couple of months ago. authorities have not had a lot of time to prepare. we also have new
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information in an alleged murder for hire plot in woodbridge, virginia. police have arrested a second man, ralph justice. he was a jail guard in prince will item county. investigators say he con pierd to harm michael rucinak's stepson. the plan was to have the stepson arrest and put in jail where he could be sexually assaulted. police say rucinak later hatched a murder for hire plot against the stepson. a man accused after salting two women is still on the run this morning. police say the first incident happened friday night about 11:00. a woman was walking home when she noticed a man standing at the bottom of her driveway. she ran inside, called 911 and he took off. about an hour late are, another woman walking home was sexually assaulted. both women said the suspect was wearing black gloves leading police to believe they are looking for the same guy. thieves on capitol hill are breaking into congressional offices but they are apparently
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using keys to get in. among the offices burglarized were those of john runyan and the office of south carolina freshman republican trey gowdy, right next door. runyan's office was broken into twice, just a week apart. the thieves are stealing cameras, ipods, one come powter monitor and cash. >> it is just outrageous. we think that people would have keys to these offices are probably honest but that isn't necessarily the case i guess. >> what was taken from our office was a jacket of one of our staff members. a congressman had a scarf tape, change out of the desk and a perm camera and a cam are from the office, like an official camera. >> it has to be an inside job. employees somewhere in the capital system, i don't want to be pointing fingers at all. if it is at night and the
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offices are locked, it has to be an inside job. the music world is mourning the death of another icon. don automatic iser, the queen of disco died yesterday after losing her battle with lung cancer. she was 6 # years old. she-- she was 63 years old. go-go has been playing chuck brown music nonstop. fans are calling in to express their feelings. chuck brown was 75 years old. now, can you actually own a piece of facebook. up next, how much you can expect to pay for just one share of stock in the social networking site. we have the answer.
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if you love browsing the web on your smart phone, get ready to pane pay more. details of who is ending the unlimited datt plan for some customers. we'll be right back.   -- get ready to pay more. 4@
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. john edwards' fate now lies in the hands of the jury. yesterday, both side wrapped up their closing arguments. prosecutors tried to prove edwards used campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 presidential campaign. the defense asked jurors to separate the immorality of edwards' affair from the legality of the funning behind the cover-up. when the stock market opens later this morning, the public will able to buy stock in facebook for the very first time. shares of the social web site's initial public offering are set for $38 and that puts the value of the company at $104 billion
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and is expected to raise $16 billion overall. some economists are urging caution. facebook has never made a profit. verizon is clarifying how it plans to phase out unlimit cell phones to tablets. customers one limited data plans will have to give them up when they buy a new device at a discounted price. those are the kind that usually come with a two-year contract. customers who have unlimbated data and choose to buy a phonal full price can keep the unlimited plan. the trading losses suffered by j. p. morgan chase are getting large are. they have surged to about $3 million o capitol hill, lawmakers wanted the company's ceo to testify about the office. his coves as a we will accept the invitation to the hearings next week. ditch the car.
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grab your bike today. not just because of the weather. you won't be alone. >> it is national bike to work day. how much would biking to work once a week save you? we have done the math for you so we'll find out. i just spend the night here. that is how i save money. good morning. we've got nice conditions. great-looking friday forecast. a good looking weekday forecast. julie wright has your traffic coming up after the break. can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can ay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store.
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. welcome back. time now is 4:45. a live look outside. this is a shot from our tower cam. check your weather in just a moment. think you are agoing to like t first, why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and bike to work today. if you do, you certainly won't be alone. more than 10,000 bicyclists are expected to hit the streets in our area as part of the national bike to work day. >> the program hopes to emphasize an ecofriendly alternative for driving and safety. plus, according to bicycling magazine, if you commute by bike once a week, you could save $1100 a year. if you decide to drive today, a friendly reminder that there will be a higher volume of psychists on the road so please be careful out there. >> that is always my concern in
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d.c. it doesn't seem always so safe to be on a bike. >> it can be kind of crowded on the roads for sure. it will be a nice day to bike to work. >> it will be a perfect day to bike to work. temperatures nice and cool. >> but no moonlight. >> we did a little investigating and it is a new moon in about two days. so it doesn't even rise until 5:52. so will is seeing something else. we'll have to investigate that. there are your highs yesterday. 77 the official high at reagan national. that is just about where we should be for this time of year. dulles was a little cooler and bwi marshall, 75 degrees. a nice start to your day looking at temperatures right now back in the 50s, even some 40s across the area. 5 # right now in washington at reagan national. look at the 40s. 47 out at dulles. cull ander, 46. this feels fan taft being. 45 for you out in martinsburg.
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leonardtown, 50 degrees. nice, cool start to the day. we'll see the temperatures rebound. just like yesterday, bright sunshine. just a few clouds. some of that high, kind of thin cloudiness, kind of see it there. that milky white you see across portions of central virginia. that will be about it. got and yard of low pressure down just off the coast of south carolina right about there. it's slow mover. it is sort of cut off and kind of meandering. that kind factor in our weather by late in it the weekend, early next week. otherwise, high pressure will keep us nice and dry for the time being. here is your forecast. lots of sunshine. just a beautiful afternoon, 76 degrees. winds north and east today at about five to 10 miles per hour. they will be a little lighter than yesterday. 51degrees your overnight low. nice start to your weekend. high temperatures tomorrow, about 08 degrees.
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we've got the preakness tomorrow in baltimore. might be a late start on sunday. monday, tuesday, a few more showers and storms scattered. more humidity by next week too. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. you got the pool inflated, ready to go. >> i do. you look very dapper today. >> thank you. >> i combed my hair early. >> early. and you sprayed it. you borrowed hairspray from will. >> yes, he got some. >> will said if you use his hairspray, your hair will never move. i went out and got two cans, one for each side. no problems to report leaving 270 so an easy drive here. in maryland, we do have accident activity on 197 at 50. 50 remaps open as you travel between annapolis and bowie. your lanes are open right now if you are traveling along 66 coming inbound from fair oaks to the beltway. light traffic volume as you
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travel north on 95. 395 here at duke street in both the express lanes and main line. lanes are open headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . >> thank you. yes, my hair is not moving an in. yet another battle brewing between d.c. and republicans in congress. at issue, a bill that would restrict abortions not just across the country but only in d.c. >> d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton says she was barred from testifying at a hearing on the matter thursday and she is demanding to know why. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> why is this still centered on the district they have disempowered even to vote? >> reporter: congresswoman eleanor holmes norton says she is being barred from testifying behind these doors as a house judiciary subcommittee on a republican-backed bill that would outlaw abortions in the district after 20 weeks. >> the republican majority is
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trying to barnstorm the country and barnstorm the supreme court. >> reporter: joining congresswoman norton was d.c. mayor convinceent gray who has been fighting his open battles with republicans in congress on budget autonomy for the district. gray says not allowing norton to testify is an insult to the more than 600,000 d.c. residents she represents. >> why was our very able representative to congress, as you already heard, denied the right to testify at a hearing that will consider this bill? >> reporter: this is not the first time that republicans in the house majority have faced criticism over who can and cannot testify at their hearings. back in february, a national debate was sparked when georgetown law student sandra fluke was not allowed to testify at a hearing that looked into whether or not employers should cover certain women's health benefits like birth control. the hearing bit subcommittee on the constitution was called by
4:51 am
sub chairman trent flanks of arizona. democratic congressman gerald nadler. new york says his side was told it could only call one witness would will speak to the scientific aspects of the bill. >> they are being obnoxious by refusing to let eleanor holmes norton as the representative of the target of this legislation which is washington. >> reporter: norton says with 61 #,000 tax-paying citizens of the district of columbia paying $3.9 billion to the federal government in taxes, republicans could have at least, she says, let her speak on their behalf on an issue as divisive as abortion. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. parking spaces set aside for people with disabilities being taken over by those who don't really need them. >> up next the latest plan to put a stop to illegal parking. the details of who could be handing out parking tick nets one jurisdiction. you will be surprised by this one.
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stay with us.
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. welcome back. if you live in fairfax county, your chances of getting a parking ticket might be going up. the county board of supervisors is considering a proposal to train volunteers to beef up enforcement and revenue. >> the idea isn't sitting well with some residents. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: kenny good doesn't get around as well as he used to so he has a permit for one of the spaces set aside for people with disabilities and nothing makes him madder than when drivers without them are park there had. >> you would be surprised how many times you come here and some young girl 0 years old jumps out and parks in handicapped and run in and get something and come back. somebody like me, can't walk so far and i get tired. >> reporter: fairfax county supervisor john faust says it is a big problem and police
4:55 am
don't have the resources to step up enforcement. >> we look at it as something that is important for public safety, supporting neighbors and providing accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities. those things aren't getting done because we don't have the resources. >> reporter: on tuesday, the board will consider a recommendation from its auditor to train volunteers to write parking tickets. >> i guess if they were trained well enough and not just something they are doing on their open, if someone trains them, i'm okay with it. >> i don't think they are in a position to be judging whether the person is illegally parked or not. so no, i don't think that is i agood idea. >> we trust law enforcement because they go through some sort of program. i guess i'm a little leery of just ordinary people enforcing the law like that. >> reporter: revenue from traffic citing as has dropped $12,000 in the last five years but the volunteer force isn't about the money. >>
4:56 am
the significance is enforcement. that is what we're concerned about. we are not looking at this as a major revenue generator. >> reporter: they have volunteer forces in phoenix and other places too. the supervisors will be examining the strengths and weaknesses of those programs and they will need to get police involved too. so far, the department isn't commenting. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. coming up, we are getting ready for the battle of the beltways. washington nationals versus the baltimore orioles. we'll tell you for both team are still in first place. rg iii on a stage in front of a national audience. we'll show you his appearance on late night tv as we continue.  everyone's hair breaks. ♪ oh oh oh oh you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh ...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me
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. in sports, the washington nats have sliped a half game out of first place in the national league east. they fell to the pittsburgh
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pirates last night 5-3. andrew mccutcheon stole the show. he made a great catch. on the offense, hit two solo home runs. bryce harper still on fire was on 3 with one strikeout and one walk. who has the best record in the american league? that would be the baltimore orioles. they pete the kansas city royals yesterday, 5-3. adam jones hit his 13th homer of the season. baltimore leads the american league east with a 25-14 record. tonight, the nationals host the orioles in the battle of the beltway. tomorrow's game two of of the series can be seen here on fox. game time is 7:00 p.m. it should be exciting. we'll be watching. the washington redskins' newest quarterback made his late night tv debut. >> robert give iniii, known to most as rg iii, sat down with jay


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